design & creativity – icons

icon 1 – countryside

icon 2 – adventure

icon3 – watersports

icon 4 – ski

icon 5 – relaxing

icon 6 – safari


campaign poster designs

workshop 8


campaign task 5

target audience for my campaign:

  • the general public
  • anybody who is interested in sports and the olympics
  • both tourists and UK residents
  • people of all ages
  • both male and female

campaign task 4

for my ad campaign i have decided to create 3 adverts for olympics. this is because the adverts out there at the moment,  are not very informative and a little bit boring – they look very over the top and they are just edited photos which look superimposed. i want to create something that is visual and includes photography but also interesting graphicsthat people will remember.
another reason for me chosing this topic is that there was a lot of controversy surrounding the original logo for the 2012 olympics. this was down to a number of reasons – such as the logo was thought to be very boring and the audience cannot instantly reckon that it is for the Olympics.

workshop 7

for workshop 7 we were asked to design a poster to advertise a film. i decided to base my design on the film’Point Break’ as it is one of my favourite films. Instead of using the original characters however, I decided to use two of my friend’s images as the actors.

this is what i came up with. as you can see i stuck with the original text and the watersports theme and the blue tones. i used mostly my own photographs for the design and i used the selection, tools, brush and dodge/burn tools as wellas a lot of layering.

workshop 6

for this weeks workshop, we were asked to design a poster for an election campaign. i used a combination of cutting and pasting along with the brush tool to create this.

for this poster, i used an image i took at the ‘March for the Alternative’ event and used the pen tool for the text. i think it  is a very simple idea but it works quite well.

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